Saturday, July 11, 2009

Versailles, grouchy kings walk really far

After taking a too long nap the day before, and not falling asleep til 4 am, I got up at 7am again. Still trying to get into regular sleep groove.

Rode RER C5 train 35 min out to Versailles-Rive gauche and walked over to the chateau. There were two hilarous kids on the train crawling all over the place. The girl was pretending to talk on the phone using her hand and her brother got sooo upset by this for some reason, crying "ta main, ce n'est pas un telephone" over and over. We did the mature thing of laughing uncontrollably.

Here's only pic from iPhone. The rest are on my big kid camera. I'll make a huge flickr page once we're back.

-- Post From My iPhone

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