Saturday, July 11, 2009

Montmartre: amelie, les escaliers et moules frites

Thursday at Montmartre. Our bodies were still on merican time so we woke up real early and headed up the metro line to Anvers at the base of Montmartre and the sacre coeur. We weaved through the seas of tourists up the steps to the top, checked out the church, climbed 300 steps up the tower and saw the stinky basement crypt.

Outside We got our first good pain au chocolat and a quiche chevre. The place du tertre is a square filled with portait artists, cafes and brave pigeons. A portait guy tried to get to draw us by saying he liked my hair, either that or he said I need a barber.

Later we descended the north end and discoved a much cuter, tourist-free area for coffee at outdoor tables. After wandering the windy stone streets and stairs, eating moules frites and using some Internet cafe we headed back south.

Went passed the moulin rouge for a driveby picture taking and got outta there!

Cafe creme


More stairs

Ratch found some friends

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